Christ’s Shadow

Christ’s Shadow


There are many instances in the old Testament which are shadows of the coming Messiah. The Passover in Exodus is a good example of how Jesus would be the unblemished lamb sacrificed for the deliverance of God’s people.

God the creator, through the mouths of the prophets, writes history in preparation of the coming Messiah. The most uncanny accurate predictions of who Jesus Christ would be during his brief stay on earth. Not only accurate in the tabloid of how history is played out but also exceedingly accurate in as far as timing is concerned. Uncanny to the point that if you are not of the spirit you will spend inordinate time and resources to try to disprove the possibility of these predicted realities.

When one reads the old Testament in search of these gems, it is to the full glory of God that he could direct the actions of men historically, and their recordings, to so accurately portray the coming Christ.

Man was unable to fulfil the Mosaic law. Our best works are but filthy rags before the throne of the most Holy and Almighty God. God because of his grace and love for us predestined, ordained, Christ as our salvation.

There is not a man or woman who has walked on earth, apart from Christ, that fulfilled the Mosaic law with a positive balance between their good works and bad works. No matter who or what you are, if God puts your good works on the scale against your bad works we would all fail miserably. It is to be remembered that the measure of our good works are not judged on human standards but have to be judged by God’s standards. Christ in his sermon on the Mount, in the Beatitudes, makes clear God’s standard that will be used to judge our good works.

Our egotistical nature cancels any value that there may be in our good works as we take the glory rather than glorify God. Therefore even our good works remain inadequate.

If there is one truth that I learned over and over again it is that I would rather throw myself in the shadow of Christ, grab his feet and cover myself with his blood before I stand before the judgement throne of the Almighty God. I need my advocate Jesus to claim me on that day.

The image of who and what Christ was to be and his embodiment in the old Testament is made new with a blinding image of complete light in the new Testament of who God is.

And then, if it is not enough that we can be declared righteous through the blood of Christ, this reconciliation gift from God gets even better. And as my faithful and wonderful wife would say there is a “But wait!”

God says “But wait!” God says “I will leave you my helper and advocate!”.
Man replies “What? So we can approach him asking questions to get help from him?”
God says “No, but wait. It gets even better I am going to put him inside you?”
Man asks “What? And what would he be doing there?”
God says “He will represent me God the Father and my son Jesus Christ.!”

And all man has to do, is submit his ear and accept this gift in all its abundance from our most gracious God.

When you take the Holy Spirit out of Church you are left with religion!

God walks the path of love with us.

Passages of Scripture where Christ’s Shadow predestines the coming Messiah.

The lamentation of Christ is visioned by David through the very eyes of Jesus as he hangs on the cross in Psalm 22.

In Psalm 21 David heralds Christ. The sequence of these Psalms should be 22 – 23 – 21 – 24. They are all visions of declarations of Jesus.

Psalm 22 – crucifixion

Psalm 23 – in the tomb, Jesus is dead

Psalm 21 – herald the coming King

Psalm 24 – the Ascension