PFOJC – Passionate Followers of Jesus Christ


This website is a resource of information, encouragement and community! Our focus is to see people worldwide, uniting together and sharing their experiences and revelations.

We also want to use this website to teach people, share the gospel, and go deeper into the Word of God.

Definition of PfoJC; Passionate follower/s of Jesus Christ

November 2010 

This website was originally started in November of 2010. We subsequently published 52 Unique articles up until September 2014.  The final writing of each of these articles was completed on the website itself in blog form.

Then for some unknown reason, our website provider managed to wipe the whole database with all the articles. And all we got from them was a quiet shrug of the shoulders.

We have on record the background research information and the partially written documents that were published here.

We will re-establish these articles over time, but focus on creating new material as well.

Please feel free to participate and submit any material you think may be of value. You are welcome to comment and leave suggestions on our contact form.

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