Close Call to Becoming Fish Food

Answering the Call: My Journey to Serving at the Christian Kitchen in Walthamstow

In 2014, I was a devoted member of Restore Community Church in Loughton. Our regular church services were held at Davenant Foundation School, and our ministry also extended to Trinity Church, about a mile away, which hosted an older congregation. Both services began simultaneously on Sundays.

Around September 2014, a call for support and volunteers went out for the Christian Kitchen in Walthamstow. This organization had been faithfully serving food to the homeless and those living on the streets every evening at 7:30 PM for nearly 18 years. (25 Years or more now.)

I contemplated volunteering at the kitchen but felt uncertain about committing to this new endeavour. In times of uncertainty, my practice is to pray and seek God's guidance. So, I prayed, asking God for clarity. Several signs came my way, nudging me towards involvement.

Despite these signs, I remained hesitant.

One Sunday, as I sat with my family at the service in Davenant, ready for the worship to begin, I felt an unexpected and strong prompting to attend the service at Trinity Church instead. This was out of character for me, and my family was surprised when I told them I was leaving to go to Trinity and would return after the service to pick them up.

This experience was not isolated. Throughout my life, God has called me to various tasks, sometimes with clear and strict directives, and other times with gentle nudges to keep me on the right path.

This was one particularly memorable instance when God made it unmistakably clear that I needed to take action, much like Jonah.

A formidable, Bible-quoting, fervently devout woman confronted me at Trinity that morning.

Her core text was; "Do all things without grumbling or disputing; so that you will be blameless and innocent, children of God above reproach in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you appear as lights in the world." Philippians 2:14-15 (LSB)

In the sermon, she walked down the Isle, stopped some 10 m away, pointed at me and emphatically declared, "When God calls you to do something, you quit complaining and get on with it!" She backed her conviction with scripture, and in that moment, I fully understood Jonah's plight when he had to confess to his shipmates and offer a solution to their dilemma.

With this divine intervention, it became crystal clear that God wanted me to get involved with the Christian Kitchen.

Thus began my journey of service at the Christian Kitchen in Walthamstow, where I found fulfilment and purpose in helping to provide for those in need, guided by the unwavering hand of God.

There are numerous further miracles I can attest to that occurred while we were involved in this work. Many of the volunteers who served with me witnessed these miracles and confirmed them. God is amazing, and when we move with His blessing, He participates in what we do.

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