Christian kitchen a New Beginning.

Christian Kitchen a New Beginning.


We need your support!  There are many different ways you can help the Christian Kitchen to continue its work in feeding the Homeless in Walthamstow.

For 25 years, this ministry, which speaks to the heart of being Christian, has gone out every night to feed the homeless and destitute in Walthamstow. Currently, we feed around 45 people a night.

Please examine your heart and if there is a calling, consider how you can help.

How you can help;

1 – Financial contribution? { Click here for financial contribution }

2 – Physically helping with the move or volunteering for one of our teams? { CLICK HERE for details on how to come and join the moving party – Come and work you will be sustained and supported with our barbeque. }

3 – Pray for this work as we embark in trying to alleviate chronic suffering? { CLICK HERE for details to join one of our other teams of amazing volunteers and for further information}

On Saturday the 27th of May 2017, Christian Kitchen will be moving to a new preparation kitchen.

It has become necessary to find new premises for the food preparation for Christian Kitchen. Branches, where the food has been prepared every night for the homeless, over the past 5 years (in excess of 1,825 nights) can no longer facilitate and support the Christian Kitchen service.

Prayers have been answered by Father Alex Summers of the St Michael and All Angels’ church in Walthamstow.

The address is St Michaels and All Angels church,
Northcote Road
London E17 6PQ

Link to the website;

There is sufficient parking close to the church but access is from Blackhorse road on the A1006 side, turning down Northcote Road.

Google Link; Google Maps Link

We are going to need some help with the move on Saturday the 27th of May. If you are able to help out could you let Chris Kriel know by contacting him on his Mobile phone 07951290158 or talk to Norman Coe at Christian Kitchen?

Bus routes that pass the St Michaels and All Saints church are W11 and W15.

The St Michael & All Angels (Stop K) is right outside in front of the church. (W11 and W15 Bus)

Alternatively the Walthamstow Market High Street (Stop T) (W11 and W15 Bus)

Closest Train stations are Queens road, Walthamstow Central, and Blackhorse Road. The church is almost central of these three train stations.

For further information and to sign up go to;

Christian Kitchen, Walthamstow
Inside the St Michaels and All Saints church.
Christian Kitchen, Walthamstow
The hall leading to the food preparation Area for Christian Kitchen, Walthamstow
Christian Kitchen, Walthamstow
Kitchen to be used for the food preparation for the homeless.
Christian Kitchen, Walthamstow
Father Alex Summers of St Michaels and all Sts Church and Norman Coe the chairman of Christian Kitchen. Photograph taken in front of the stove in the kitchen.