Why the Bible

The Inerrancy of Scripture – Authored by God Knowing the Bible reveals its truth to the reader. What Isreal believed about their Messiah: Psalm 2 He is coming as a King to save them from their suppressors. Will be born as a King from the line of David. A symbol of what they should expect. … Read more

Why not Mary?

Why Not Mary (the very mother of Jesus)? How dangerous a game the Roman Catholic church plays in the face of God? When we study the Book and become followers of Jesus Christ the Roman Catholic church remains a daunting pillar of enticement due to its share size and prominence in the evangelical world. Yet … Read more

Day 38 ~ Purpose Driven Life ~ Prepare Your Heart for the Mission

Day 38 ~ Purpose Driven Life ~ Becoming a World-Class Christian Prepare Your Heart for the Mission We all suffer from a diversity of existence imposed on us as a result of our formation “in the image of God” (Genesis 1:27–28). (see also https://pfojc.org/day-22-we-his-offspring-live-our-being-in-him/). It can be argued that our existence on this earth is a … Read more

Day 35 ~ The Purpose Driven Life ~Become Victorious through You’re Weakness

Day 35 ~ The Purpose Driven Life ~ God’s Power in Your Weakness Christ’s Overriding Example   The greatest danger that Christianity presents to the individual lies in creating a self-serving religion. Egocentric grounded faith.  I wonder how many times our prayers replicate a shopping list. We approach the throne of the most almighty high … Read more