2024 – A New Year Blessing -Walking in His Footsteps

We are all on this conveyor belt. This is life. Some of us will just ride with our hands running through the warm sand and others will be jumping off and on but all of us will be enjoying the ride. Elon musk said “We must be able to listen to those that say things we do not agree with and we must allow them to say it.” As I reflect on this new year I know there will be many things that I will not agree with and there will be many things said about theology and religion that will be what I do not buy into or agree with. Yet God created a universe with thousands of planets, stars and asteroids that boggles the mind with its diversity. So also we are all different each with our own signature, influences and ideas. The one guiding star that stands above all of what we are is tempered by Matt 5:24. We have to embrace God’s propensity to diversity and walk with 1 Cor 13 carved into our hearts. Herein lies the peace that comes from Christ.

16 December 2023 – Gelofte Dag

  An Open Letter to My Family: Honoring Our Legacy and the Blood River Covenant Penned this 16 December 2023 – it has been 185 years since December 16, 1838, the date of the Battle of Blood River and the Blood River Covenant. Dear Family, As we reflect upon our heritage, particularly the pivotal role … Read more

Why the Bible

The Inerrancy of Scripture – Authored by God Knowing the Bible reveals its truth to the reader. What Isreal believed about their Messiah: Psalm 2 He is coming as a King to save them from their suppressors. Will be born as a King from the line of David. A symbol of what they should expect. … Read more

Why not Mary?

Why Not Mary (the very mother of Jesus)? How dangerous a game the Roman Catholic church plays in the face of God? When we study the Book and become followers of Jesus Christ the Roman Catholic church remains a daunting pillar of enticement due to its share size and prominence in the evangelical world. Yet … Read more

Day 38 ~ Purpose Driven Life ~ Prepare Your Heart for the Mission

Day 38 ~ Purpose Driven Life ~ Becoming a World-Class Christian Prepare Your Heart for the Mission We all suffer from a diversity of existence imposed on us as a result of our formation “in the image of God” (Genesis 1:27–28). (see also https://pfojc.org/day-22-we-his-offspring-live-our-being-in-him/). It can be argued that our existence on this earth is a … Read more