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Passionate Followers of Jesus Christ (pfoJC)

This website is dedicated to those ardent and passionate followers of our Lord Jesus Christ.

1 Corinthians 12: 3b and no one can say, “Jesus is Lord,” except by the Holy Spirit.

and we say “Jesus is our Lord and God.”

7 November 2010


This website “www.pfoJC.org” is dedicated, and has as its main objective, to unite and form a forum for all the followers of the teachings of Jesus Christ. We wish to steer clear of the divisions which have been created by interpretation which leads to the doctrines of the different church groups that form the body of Christ, under the ambiance of the new and old Testaments of the Bible. It is our sincere and absolute belief that Jesus talks to all his children in different ways. It is not our position to judge the route, procedures or rituals which form part of the different Christian groups. We believe and support all followers of Jesus Christ with the same efficacy, respect and love. We do not ascribe to prosperity gospels and believe in a certain rigidity be maintained in relation to the Bible as a whole from Genesis to Revelation.

The Old Testament commences what the New Testament completes. Our God is Grace from Genesis to Revelation and Jesus is the ultimate pure embodiment of that abundant Grace in His crucifixial sacrifice.
It is our objective to create a forum, “where in” the test of membership lies purely and solely in the belief that the individual, organisation, church and follower will apply and test his conscience in open observance of the guidance of the Holy Spirit, tempered and honed by the Word, and with the true and total conviction of the love and dedication to our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

So be with the Trinity, Father Son and Holy Ghost, be guided by the teachings and your love for Jesus Christ and his children, open your heart to the abundant Grace of God the eternal Father, listen to the Holy Spirit and continually check your convictions with His word.

Where we are today;

www.pfoJC.org firstly needs your prayers and then your talents to help us develop this forum. Presently we (pfoJC) have about 20 people involved from all over the world participating in the thinking. An accounting firm in the United Kingdom is assisting us and overseeing the registration of the company and the organisation as a charity. “Passionate followers of Jesus Christ” ( pfoJC )will be and is a non-profit organisation.

We (pfoJC) have in the interim established a blog to create a forum to start the communication amongst the interested parties and members. We will protect your information, or shout and proclaim your participation in accordance with your wishes.

London ~ United Kingdom.

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